The Final Haunting is a seriously intelligent low budget thriller/horror set in the North of England with identifiable well rounded characters, and a story that takes the viewer into a world where nothing is as it seems.  This is an edge of your seat scare-fest, where a tragic ghost story is cleverly intermingled with a tense psychological subplot.

The Final Haunting probes terrifying and realistic 20th century issues and illustrates how levels of psychological illness primarily brought about by abusive male figures can lead to tragic consequences.  Set against a backdrop of Grosvenor Grange, a dilapidated Victorian villa, we encounter:

Three hideous suspects. Two dead babies and one sad portrait.

The plot consists of two parallel storylines which cleverly intermingle, revealing tantalising elements of the characters back stories.  The drama builds, driving the levels of suspense to a fever pitch with lots of fast cutaways and a discordant nursery rhyme theme used to accentuate the tension, thrill and suspense.The story centres on twenty two year old Lily Reynolds who hides a terrible secret that threatens to escape when she reluctantly accepts a baby sitting job for unhappily married Tom and Samantha Thompson at their home, Grosvenor Grange. Echoes of Lily’s past seep out as she steps into the haunted house and becomes possessed by horrifying personalities. We watch her struggle to protect the baby in her charge from an ever increasing danger, but is it real or imaginary?


Fierce Cat Media production

Fierce Cat Media